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A vacation can be a great way to open up one’s mind to new creative posabilities. I had the chance to fly to San Francisco for my birthday and I came home with a slighly new perspective on things.

As an artist, I am very critical of my own work. I often forget to value the small yet important things throughout my work process.  I think that in life, we forget to value the things around us and within ourselves because of the context in which we see things. On my trip, I noticed how beautiful simple things can be. When planning and working on projects, I aim for bigger and bolder. I often forget about simplicity and delicateness. I have missed the beauty in pencil lines and simple sketches. When I was in San Francisco, I saw hundreds of awesome yet simple things waiting to be appreciated and experienced.

All together the trip was great. I visited SFMOMA, YBAC, and a few small galleries. I also visited creative brands HUF, The Hundreds, Kidrobot, Fatlace, Super 7, Giant Robot, TRUE, and of course Nike! And, of course, the city itself was beautiful and inspiring.


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